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PowerHouse Data Centers

For The Powered Player
PowerHouse is a key real estate solutions provider delivering best-in-class BTS shell and full turnkey deployments at scale, anywhere in the U.S.
We have the experience and expertise to deliver the physical infrastructure you need to connect to your users.
The Model

Hyper-Scale Inspired Powered Core & Shell Model:

We design our gear toward High Performance Computing, High Density Power (HDP) in support of HPC and AI, and Immersive Cooling Solutions for OCP-Ready and DGX-Ready environments..
Site Selection & Evaluation

Experienced Vision and In-depth Insight

We know the key drivers that make sites successful and our deep relationships with municipalities and utilities provide the insights we need to power sound decisions

Property Acquisition

Proactive Approach to Property Acquisitions & Development

We prefer to acquire and entitle our sites to offer certainty to our clients versus simply locking-up and marketing the promise of a deal

Shell Design & Construction

Pioneering Construction & Design Approach

Our focus ranges from ensuring system redundancies and energy efficiency to accommodating high-performance computing needs, including High Density Power and AI support. Moreover, our designs are versatile, allowing for EMP-resistant construction and various interior configurations, ensuring we're prepared for the evolving demands of the future.

Infrastructure Build Out

Forward-Thinking Construction & Tech Integration

AREP collaborates with skilled partner contractors adept at transitioning from foundational shell construction to comprehensive fit-outs. We prioritize future-ready build-outs, ensuring adaptability for advanced power density and cooling needs. Moreover, our secure campuses are primed to support a range of tech demands, from Availability Zones and AI/HPC Deployments to Hyperscale-inspired setups, catering to the evolving landscape of the industry.

Full Fit Out & Delivery

AREP & Integra's Premier Data Center Solutions

In collaboration with Integra Mission Critical, AREP offers comprehensive data center solutions, from fit-outs to equipment procurement and commissioning. Integra, a global industry frontrunner, excels in optimizing costs and expediting delivery by producing power, cooling, and IT modules from their worldwide manufacturing hubs. Their integrated delivery approach, coupled with a proven track record serving top Hyperscalers & OTTs, ensures we meet the stringent standards of the data center development community.

Our Approach
PowerHouse offers turnkey solutions developed by a team of proven leaders in data center real estate and seasoned in-house construction managers. 

PowerHouse Memberships

PowerHouse Data Centers is a proud partner of organizations that have like-minded goals of being good neighbors and working to connect the hyperscaler and data center communities while also growing, learning and giving back.
Meet the Team

Data Center

AREP's seasoned in-house construction management team, boasting over 85 years of experience, consistently delivers projects on time and within budget.
We are excited to offer a new data center solutions company to meet the rising demand of hyperscalers and change the development landscape. We provide a unique competitive advantage of an accelerated speed to market while overcoming the challenge of a fierce "data center land run" .
Doug Fleit
CEO and Co-Founder of AREP and PowerHouse Data Centers