Work Life

The workplace re-imagined.

Is it possible to create a workspace that inspires wellbeing, creativity, and productivity alike?  We think so. Each AREP property provides a distinct sense of place, reflecting the character of its surroundings and the energy of the people who work there.
Meet the Team

Commercial Office Experts

AREP's seasoned in-house construction management team, boasting over 20 years of experience, consistently delivers projects on time and within budget.

Workspace Design

Unlock the potential of your workspace with our expertly crafted workspace design solutions. We specialize in creating environments that maximize productivity, innovation, and well-being, ensuring your business thrives in a space tailored to your unique needs.

Adaptive Re-Use

Our expertise lies in revitalizing existing properties, breathing new life into them, and unlocking their untapped potential. Discover how we can reimagine spaces to enhance their value, sustainability, and market appeal, setting new standards in the real estate industry.

Amenity Rich

Experience the allure of spaces designed for your comfort and convenience. Our amenity-rich environments go beyond the ordinary, providing a range of options that enhance your lifestyle or business operations. We believe in spaces that inspire, connect, and elevate.
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Doug Fleit
CEO and Co-Founder of AREP and PowerHouse Data Centers