Capital Investment

We understand market dynamics and we understand risk management. With our expertise in capital investment, we can identify strategic acquisition opportunities, secure funding, and, in turn, deliver substantial returns.
AREP strategically invests in data centers, residential, industrial and office assets within urban and suburban markets across the United States.

Through comprehensive financial analysis and due diligence, our seasoned investment team identifies opportunities that align with specific investment goals, whether it's acquiring income-producing properties, repositioning assets, or undertaking development ventures.
  • Investment Advisory
  • Due Diligence
  • Financial Modeling
  • Asset Valuation
  • Risk Management
  • Capital Raising
  • Tax Planning and Structuring
Capital isn't just about money, it's about future possibilities. Every investment we make today is a step towards shaping a better tomorrow.
AREP offers investors the opportunity to prudently invest across the higher end of the Risk/Return spectrum.
AREP Attributes
  • 3 Opportunistic Funds with Strong Historical Returns
  • Strong Track Record of Execution and Operational Excellence
  • Trusted Fiduciary with Proven Cycle-aware Approach
  • Focused on Value-Add and Opportunistic Investments in Targeted Office, Residential, Industrial and Data Center Markets
  • Strong Off Market Acquisition Pipeline, Local Market Knowledge, and Deep Capital Relationships
  • Experienced Investment Management Firm and Operating Company
  • Leasing-Centric and Customer-Focused Approach
We value our partnership with AREP, which highlights the combined strength and synergistic aspects of Rithm's operating companies and our ability to provide solutions across the capital stack.
David Welsh
Founder & Managing Partner, GreenBarn Real Estate
an affiliate of Rithm Capital Corp