Our Commitment

Wellness is foundational
to everything we do.

At AREP, our approach to wellness starts with health and safety and extends to the fundamental infrastructure that makes our properties comfortable, connected, productive, and future-ready.
AREP has long demonstrated their commitment to people-first places by making health and wellbeing a priority and a hallmark of their business. By achieving the WELL Health-Safety Rating portfolio-wide they are not only elevating the experience of tenants and visitors, but they are also leading the efforts to help people get back to business with confidence. We applaud this leadership achievement and look forward to celebrating their continued success.
Rachel Hodgdon
President & CEO International WELL Building Institute

Our commitment to wellness has been recognized.

We proudly meet the standards of two of the most iconic brands in safety — IWBI WELL and UL Industries. Not only is our entire portfolio WELL Health-Safety Rated, AREP is the first commercial real estate company in the US to achieve UL Industries’ Healthy Buildings Verification for Indoor Air and Water portfolio-wide

Wellness at the core of our business

Our property teams don’t just share our commitment to wellness, they drive it. We have rolled out a robust WELL AP and Fitwell Ambassador credentialing program for our teams, ensuring that every member of our organization has the experience and know-how to create, lead, and operate healthy spaces.

A breath of fresh air

Nature brings balance, calm, and inspiration - features that typical metro settings struggle to deliver. Live, Work or Play at an AREP property you’ll discover that the natural world remains within reach and providesa holistic touch to your day. 

Your day, your way

We never lose sight of the most important people in our building eco-system - our customers, which is why we are always seeking ways to deliver a Best-In-Class experience. The AREPx mobile app provides our customers with tech-enabled hyperlocal content, curated neighborhood services, and property programming – how we deliver this continues to us apart from the competition
As an innovative building owner and manager, AREPx not only enables us to deliver on our promise to create inviting, value-rich workplaces, it also enables us to further provide a customer-centric environment
Jane Patty
Managing Director Workplace & Operations