Our Commitment

AREP Cares is about
empowering communities

Since 2019, AREP has expressed its commitment to social responsibility through AREP Cares. With this outreach initiative our employees and partners are encouraged to give a voice and lend a hand to those causes which are important to us all, along the way forging a lasting connection between AREP and the local communities we are a part of.
AREP Cares' impact and programming not only supports our community today, but also looks ahead by focusing on initiatives that affect positive change for future generations.
Robin McConnell
Vice President, Office Operations
AREP Cares

Partnerships and Community Organizations

AREP Cares channels resources, time, and expertise toward initiatives that support local communities. Arm in arm with our local partners - non-profit organizations, schools and local governments - we work to address pressing needs our communities face in education, affordable housing, and environmental sustainability.
This is just another way we go Beyond the Expected.
We were honored to have Paul Schulman as the 2023 Honorary Chair. His visionary leadership, commitment to philanthropy and partnerships with nonprofits in the community, make him the ideal person to serve in this capacity. Together with his co-chairs, they brought dedication, passion, and their network to help us reach a new fundraising record, supporting research and advocacy. Their infectious energy brought the Real Estate community together for the best games yet.
Jaclyn Toll
Executive Director of the JDRF Mid-Atlantic Chapter